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 Billy Music Playlist

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PostSubject: Billy Music Playlist Mon Mar 28, 2016 1:58 am

Complete Billy Music Playlist Installation Using DropBox

 • Tutorial By: Gladiolus           • Difficulty: Medium        • Last Edited: 03/27/2016

Written Tutorial

Choose MP3 File(s) For Your Playlist
If you do not have the song you want you can use youtube-mp3.org to download youtube videos music

Go into your Dropbox file through your computer and paste the file within your dropbox folder
Note: You can put it in a sub folder called music but it must be in the main dropbox folder

Right Click On Chosen Song(s) and Click "Share Dropbox Link"
Note: If you do not see this option go into your start menu and open the dropbox application, the logo should be in the right icon bar

Once you click "Share Dropbox Link" a box should pop up, once it shows click the box chrome/internet should pop up

Something similar to below should pop up after you click the link

Click share located in the top right corner, a screen will pop up with the name and link. Paste the link in a blank word/notepad document

Copy everything after the text "dropbox.com/s/"

Type in https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/ then paste the copied text from step 7, your link should be formatted like below
Note: If you skip this step your music will not render properly and will not play

Paste the entire link into BillyPlaylist, organized by the order in which you want to music to play

Generate the code and you should now be able to hear your music playing
Note: If the playlist continues to say buffer rather than play - redo the steps, or check if you replace the links into the new one correctly.  


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Billy Music Playlist
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